Step into Your Power


Expand to Your Fullest Potential...

When? November 1-8, 2019
Where? Tropical Goa, India


It's time. Are you ready? There is a powerful shift happening on our planet right now and we have the opportunity to be at the forefront of it all; shining our light to the FULLEST potential, healing all past wounds, taking back our personal POWER and SOVEREIGNTY, reconnecting in supportive, sacred sisterhood and showing up as true embodied GODDESSES. 

This is your invitation, from my heart directly to yours:

To tropical Mother India, to a space where you will be held and heard in sisterhood as we rise together to reclaim the women we were born to be, before society taught us different. This will be a space where shame, resentment, jealousy and traumas of the past will be recognized and released, opening space for unconditional love, empowerment and soul to soul connections.

I wrote the book Awakening the Goddess after hearing so many women struggling with the same issue: Not knowing how to love themselves. I too have been on a deep Self Love journey for over a decade, traveling to 65 countries searching for meaning and answers, only to finally discover that everything I was seeking was within me all along. This is my first ever Goddess retreat and I will be sharing everything I learned while traveling the world and connecting with powerful women from different cultures and all walks of life. I am called to hold sacred space for you to reconnect to your Divine Goddess within while shedding old skins that are no longer serving your highest potential, just as these women did for me. 

This retreat will include tantra, kundalini and vinyasa yoga, pranayama, meditation, Goddess puja (worship), ecstatic dance, feminine empowerment & self love rituals, sacred ceremonies, sharing circles, tantric practices, journaling, one-on-one healing sessions and more! We will be working with a different archetype and chakra each day. 

If this calls to your soul, I hope you will take the leap and we'll meet you in tropical paradise soon..

In love and service,

Krystal xo

Retreat Outline

Day 1: Welcome Home 

  • Welcoming ceremony and Goddess Initiation

  • Gift bags

  • Archetypes we will be invoking: Ganesha & Primordial Shakti 

  • Chakra: Muladhara (Root)

  • Mantra, setting intentions, sharing circle, creating our collective altar 

Day 2: The Little Girl 

  • Chakra:  Svadhishthana (Sacral)

  • Archetype: Shiva

  • Reconnecting with, reclaiming and healing our inner child

  • Healing ancestral wounds

  • Womb healing

  • Coming back to our innocence & allowing it to play 

Day 3: The Graceful Warrior

  • Chakra: Manipura (Solar plexus)

  • Archetypes: Kali & Durga

  • Transforming from victim to warrior

  • Embodying these fierce Goddesses 

  • Warrior body painting 

  • Healthy boundaries, discernment & standing up for ourselves when appropriate 

Day 4: The Be-Loved

  • Chakra: Anahata (Heart)

  • Archetypes: Lakshmi & Aphrodite

  • Embodying the Sensual Feminine

  • Sacred sexuality

  • Transfiguration: recognizing the Divine in all

  • Societal beauty vs. Soul beauty 

  • Accepting and giving unconditional love

Day 5: The Huntress

  • Chakra: Vishuddha (Throat)

  • Archetype: Artemis

  • Speaking your truth, finding your voice 

  • Fearlessly chasing your goals

  • Manifesting your dream life

  • Goddesses of the Moon & moon cycle workshop

Day 6: The Creatrix

  • Chakra: Ajna (Third Eye)

  • Archetype: Saraswati 

  • Creativity, connecting to our Shakti force Wisdom 

  • Ecstatic dance night & live DJing (Shakti Trance Dance)

  • Dress in white on this day as an embodiment of Saraswati, presenting ourselves how we feel most beautiful 

  • Goddess photoshoot 

Day 7: 

  • Surprise excursion 

  • Sharing circle

  • Closing ceremony

*All Goddesses will receive a welcoming gift tote with a retreat journal, PDFs, copies of Krystal's books, crystals & other surprise goodies and tools to guide you along the week

Extra: Before the retreat Krystal will be offering voice or video calls to go over your intentions, goals and wishes, while answering any additional questions you may have. We want to make this your best experience possible!

Massages are available at the retreat if you'd like to have one during free time.

"The world will be saved by the Western Woman." ~ Dalai Lama



Three vegan meals plus tea, fresh juice and snacks will be provided daily. You will be served healthy, vibrant and locally sourced entirely by the on-site chef. The choice of food will be based on the chakra we are working with on that particular day.

Your Teachers

Daily Schedule

Morning Yoga & Kundalini


Breakfast (Silent time)


Self Love Practices + Sharing Circle






Free Time: Reflection & Integration

One on One Sessions




Evening Ceremony



Best Selling Author, International Yoga Teacher, Tantrika, Empowerment Coach 

Krystal Aranyani

"This journey isn't about becoming anything new, but remembering who you already are."


Cosmic Channel & Intuitive, Galactic Journey Guide, Yogi, Public Speaker & Lightbody Activator

Heather Hoffman

"It is not The Chosen One, it is The One Who Chose.. so, will You?"

The Space

Awakening the Goddess will be held at our own private luscious, holistic retreat in Goa. You'll find sacred temples and breathtaking beaches nearby. Our retreat also has it's own communal organic garden, Ayurvedic treatments, holistic clinic, Vedic astrology and more.


The retreat rooms all have air conditioning, WiFi, private jungle bathrooms and hot water. 

We have a limited number of private luxury suites and many spacious shared rooms with double and single beds. 

Getting There:

Our private Goddess oasis is near the lush green village of Arambol, Goa. It’s approximately 1.5 hours drive from Goa Airport (GOI).

We are happy to assist you in all of your travel arrangements.

Retreat Prices

(Limited spots available)

Regular Price


Private Suite 

(Please check if available before booking)


**All prices are listed in USD. This includes accommodation and all meals during your stay. Airfare not included. Airport transportation is an additional cost and can be arranged with us beforehand.

Ready to book? A non-refundable deposit of $500USD to via PayPal will secure your spot. Please include your full name, email address and preferred accommodation. 

Seeking more information? Fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you to happily  answer any questions you may have. 

*Please take note that the deposit is non-refundable, these are sent directly to the retreat centre to secure your spot and not held onto by us personally. Thank you for understanding. 

**CANCELLATION POLICY IF CANCELLING 60 DAYS OR MORE PRIOR TO RETREAT START DATE: Payments are eligible for refunds, with the exception of the all nonrefundable deposits. (For a total of $500USD deposit amount), unless otherwise noted. IF CANCELING 60 DAYS OR LESS PRIOR TO RETREAT START DATE: All payments are NOT refundable. Unfortunately, there are NO refunds available for any reason including, but not limited to: weather, natural disaster, acts of terrorism, flight delays or cancellation, health conditions; medical, personal, family, work emergencies; change of mind. By proceeding you are agreeing with these terms. 

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