Are you ready to enhance your spiritual growth, energy, relationships, motivation and LIFE in general!? If so, come connect with us between ancient architecture & the beautiful beaches of Goa, India, for a powerful week of deep soul to soul connections and self-growth. From heart opening daily meditations, yoga and pranayama, to a variety of in-depth tantric and non-dual workshops, God & Goddess puja, cacao & fire ceremonies and much more, the Divine Alignment Retreat will assist you in shedding ‘old layers’ of

being and expanding into a state of full balance between mind, body and soul. All while enjoying the tropical heart of India, a

vast array of healthy, sattvic vegan meals, supportive community and rejuvenating Ayurvedic spa treatments of your choice!

"Namaskar! We are Krystal and Vishuddha, two passionate spiritual educators, world travelers, non-dual practitioners and former lovers. Together we've undergone a transformative journey of friendship to romantic partners and back to close friends again. Through this we’ve formed an deep bond that has revolutionized our own practices and perspectives on relationships, spiritual growth and what it truly means to thrive in life. After traveling the world together, we’ve built our own modern approach to utilizing the ancient philosophies we hold so dear to our hearts and practices. We could try to put a label on it, but this is simply a path of love, balance, and success, for we believe that ALL situations in life can be approached from the heart. Not because it’s something far off or difficult to realize, but because at the core of our being we ARE love, and we aim to reactivate this remembrance in you as well."

We look forward to seeing some of you in one of our most favourite places on earth!

In love & service,

-Krystal and Vishuddha 

Retreat Outline

DAY 1: Planting The Seed

Before the magnificence of a flower or tree can be seen in full bloom, a seed must be planted in order to build the foundation. One that will nourish itself and thrive moving forward. On our first day of the Divine Alignment Retreat, we will all come together to do the same. Invoking the Divine within us all as we share, introduce and set our individual and collective intentions. In our welcoming ceremony we release separation and combine to create one organism of love and light by creating a Divine altar space together, and offer you some gifts to guide you through the week.


  • Sharing Circle & Introductions

  • Sankalpa (Intentions)

  • Welcoming Ceremony

  • Collective Altar Creation

  • Sacred Givings (Manta & Gifts)



DAY 2: The Non-Dual You

On our second sacred day we will be awakening the “Divine” You, otherwise known as the true Nature that is the foundation of our being. By recognizing the philosophical and experiential expressions of this, finding alignment between the soul and mind no longer stands as a struggle to manifest.  This will be done through a combination of practices including the art of yogic intellect, ruminations on overcoming worldly obstacles, reclaiming the inner child and setting strong intention.


  • Daily Archetype: Lord Ganesha

  • Workshop by Vishuddha: “The Philosophy of Alignment”

  • Workshop by Krystal: “The Inner Child: Who You Were Before Society”

  • Welcoming Ceremony


DAY 3: Embodying Divine Archetypes

Since Vedic times the Celestial Gods & Avatars of Vedantic Philosophy have expressed to us not just perfected states of living and being, but examples of how one can live a fulfilling and ecstatic life, without losing sight of the Divine nature within. Day three will dive into the philosophy and psychology of these representations, known as Archetypes, in order to find which calls to us, what that calling means, and how specific meditations and tantric practices can allow them to fuel and accelerate our spiritual growth.


  • Daily Archetype: Shiva/Shakti

  • Tandem Workshop: “Divine Archetypes Explained – How They can Improve Your Life”

  • Workshop by Krystal: “Tantric Practices & God/Goddess Puja”

  • Meditation by Vishuddha: “Shiva/Shakti Embodiment”


DAY 4: Pure Presence

As we come to understand the power of Archetypes, we move forward into what it means to bring these notions of divine awareness to the forefront of our minds, and become present in daily life. On this halfway point of the Divine Alignment Retreat we will do just that; discover how to open within ourselves a “portal” to loving presence in all we do, so that our growth is fueled not by selfishness and competition, but by selflessness & service. For both our own expansion, and that of the world around us.


  • Daily Archetype: Hanuman

  • Meditation by Vishuddha: “Guided Metta (Loving) Meditation”

  • Workshop Together "Opening the Heart Portal"

  • Group Connection & Embodiment Workshop



DAY 5: Dancing in Maya (Alignment in the Material World)

As our presence deepens we too must learn how to be fully ‘In the world, but not of it’ As the prophet Jesus Christ once famously stated. To enact this level of balance we will come to understand the nature of Maya or “The Great Illusion” in order to separate the reality of our being from the false reality we have been taught to live by. In doing so, through learning to flow in this magical play of consciousness, we can for the first time build a true bridge within our own heart, to connect our spiritual practice with our material goals and plans.


  • Daily Archetype: Lakshmi (Goddess of Material & Spiritual Prosperity)

  • Workshop by Vishuddha: “Dancing in the Rain (The Play of Maya)”

  • Full Moon Ceremony: Releasing & Manifestation 

  • Ecstatic Dance Night: “Shakti Trance Dance"


DAY 6: Living the Lila (Excursions into Nature)

On our last full day together, we will be putting the practice of embodying your own ‘Divine Alignment’ into action. Using non-dual awareness, archetypal references, and meditative/yogic reflections from the week, we will venture out into the heart of Goa, India for a day of exploring the city, the surrounding nature, vegan meals & more. All the while implementing our practices learned, and witnessing how it feels to work with an awareness of true conscious balance.


  • Daily Archetype: Lord Krishna

  • Surprise Excursion 

  • Practice/Reflections in Society

  • Vegan Lunch

  • Group Reflections & Sharing Circle



DAY 7: Closing Ceremony

As the retreat comes to a close, we will unify together as a group a final time to reset our intentions and ground ourselves before heading back out into the world with true alignment, stemming from our own internal Divinity. We will open our minds with powerful Cacao medicine, share openly about the lessons learned, speak freely about any remaining questions, Ohm with the Earth and provide offerings to the fire of life, both physically and within ourselves as well. So that we make stoke the flame of Truth within one last time together.


  • Sharing Circle

  • Rounding Ohm Circle

  • Closing Discussions 

  • Cacao & Closing Ceremony

  • Flower Offerings



Three fully organic vegan meals plus tea and snacks will be provided daily. You will be served healthy, vibrant and locally sourced entirely by the on-site chef. 

Your Teachers

Daily Schedule

Yoga with Krystal 


Breakfast (Silent time)


Workshop 1 + Sharing Circle




Workshop 2


Free Time: Reflection & Integration




Evening Ceremony or Spiritual Practice



Krystal Aranyani

"This journey isn't about becoming  anything new, but remembering who you                      already are."

Best Selling Author, International Yoga Teacher, Empowerment Coach

Vishuddha Das

"The supreme purpose and goal of human life is to cultivate love."~ Sri Ramakrishna

Spiritual Educator, Vedantic World Traveler, Best Selling Meditation Author


Your Home away from Home.

The Divine Alignment Retreat will be held in a private family run retreat center in tropical Goa.


The retreat has comfortable rooms with separate beds, ceiling fans, mosquito nets, bathrooms and hot water. 

Getting There:

Our private sanctuary is located in Goa, India. 


Early bird: $1850

Regular: $1950 

*Prices in USD. Airfare not included. Ayurvedic treatments available at an additional price.

Ready to book? A non-refundable deposit of $500USD to via PayPal will secure your spot. Please include your full name and email address

CANCELLATION POLICY IF CANCELLING 60 DAYS OR MORE PRIOR TO RETREAT START DATE: Payments are eligible for refunds, with the exception of the all nonrefundable deposits. (For a total of $500USD deposit amount), unless otherwise noted. IF CANCELING 60 DAYS OR LESS PRIOR TO RETREAT START DATE: All payments are NOT refundable. Unfortunately, there are NO refunds available for any reason including, but not limited to: weather, natural disaster, acts of terrorism, flight delays or cancellation, health conditions; medical, personal, family, work emergencies; change of mind.

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